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Any relocation is a lot of trouble. You need to move a lot of furniture, household appliances. Most of the furniture needs to be disassembled for transportation, and some of the smaller pieces need to be carefully packed. The moving process may seem like an absolute nightmare. If you need to transport a large amount of furniture, then you are better to turn to professional movers. Fortunately, our company provides a full service. We guarantee you a fast, easy and pleasant moving. Our team will help you disassemble most of the furniture. So it will take up less space and fit into the truck. The risk of damage will be minimized. Besides, some items are impossible to disassemble. So they need special attention and treatment. We will readily take on any moving. If you would like to order movers from California to Minnesota and specify the cost of the work, contact us in any convenient way. Our managers will help you navigate through the necessary list of activities.

Our Advantages

Professional team

Moving with our company is fast and profitable! Are you looking for movers from California to Minnesota? Our company has a large number of good reviews on the work done. We are ready to provide you with professional movers and equipped trucks. We do not care about the distances. We can handle jobs of any complexity. You can contact us at any time.

Safe transport

Our team has a lot of experience. If you want to avoid any problems during your move, give us a call. We are happy to offer you the best value for money. Our team will deliver your belongings in one piece to a new place. Make an order at any convenient time. We guarantee you timely performance and efficiency of service.

Simple process

It is elementary to book a move! Give us a call. Our company will provide the correct number of movers and trucks at an affordable price. With us, you can place an order for the full range of services, including disassembly and reassembly of furniture, packing, garbage removal, cleaning, etc. Our team will make sure that your belongings arrive at their new location in one piece.

Pros and cons of moving from California to Minnesota

Minnesota is the northernmost continental US state. It is home to about 5.6 million people. Minnesota is called the “Ten thousand lakes state.” There are almost twelve thousand lakes in the state, according to official statistics. If you haven’t decided whether you should hire movers from California to Minnesota, we can help you. The state has pros and cons. Let’s get to know them.


  • Nature. Minnesota is famous not only for its gorgeous lakes but also for its large number of preserves. The nation’s best biking trails and excellent ski trails draw millions of people from all over the world to the state every year.
  • Economy. Minnesota is an industrialized state. Its cities are home to the offices of major companies. The state has companies that mine iron ore, gravel, sand, and stone.
  • Educational infrastructure. There are more than 200 colleges and universities here. If you want your children to get a quality school education, you’ll find many good options in Minnesota.


  • Climate. The southern part of Minnesota is located in an area called Tornado Alley. Hurricane whirlwinds occur here quite often (more than twenty times a year), usually during the summer months.
  • Tax rates. Income tax in Minnesota is progressive with four rates: 5.35%, 7.05%, 7.85%, 9.85%. The state legislature may authorize municipalities to impose additional local taxes.

How much does it cost to move from California to Minnesota?

Moving is a very complex and multifaceted process. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many questions in the process. Many people, for example, wonder what kind of truck to choose to transport property. Others do not know what to pack. The rest are worried about not getting tangled up in a massive pile of boxes when they arrive at their new home. Either way, moving requires careful preparation. If you’re looking for a reliable California to Minnesota moving company, contact us. We can help you save time and effort. The cost of moving is about $4000 on average. If you want to know the exact price, you should contact our moving consultants. We will be happy to help you.

How far is Minnesota from California?

The driving distance from California to Minnesota is about 2,000 miles. The driving time is about 30 hours. We recommend taking a plane to get to your destination faster.

Most popular cities in Minnesota


Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota. It is home to about 420,000 people. Minneapolis is a booming industrial city with a rapidly growing infrastructure. Business is booming in the city, and new industrial and residential neighborhoods are growing. The city is home to boating on the legendary Mississippi River.


Bloomington is located in the northern part of the country, in Hennepin County. It is home to about 85,000 people. The city sits on one of the banks of the Minnesota River, just above where it merges with the Mississippi River. Bloomington has more jobs per capita than St. Paul or Minneapolis.


Duluth is the administrative center of St. Louis County. The city is located on the shores of Lake Superior, the largest and coldest of the Great Lakes system. Duluth’s economy is based on cargo transportation. Tourism is also well developed in the city. In Duluth, you can visit the Great Lakes Aquarium, Spirit Mountain Recreation Area, the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, and the Tweed Museum of Art.


Rochester is one of the largest communities in the state. The urban area stretches along both banks of the Zumbro River. Rochester is also home to several artificial and natural lakes. The local economy thrives on industrial companies producing radio-electronic equipment and appliances, medical devices, and food products. Rochester’s leading employer is the Mayo Clinic.

St. Paul

St. Paul is the capital of Minnesota. It is located at the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Minnesota River. Modern St. Paul has a diversified economy and a diverse ethnic makeup. Most of the city’s descendants are Germanic immigrants. St. Paul is also home to the largest diaspora of Hmong in the United States and many people of Somali descent.

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