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Are you looking for movers from California to New Jersey? We will provide you with qualified workers at affordable prices. Our employees are indispensable helpers for your moving or repair needs. You can order quality moving services from us. Our team is ready to begin work at any convenient time for you. We guarantee responsible execution of the tasks assigned to us. We will disassemble and assemble furniture with quality and accuracy. Your property will be delivered in one piece without damage or scratches. Our experienced staff has all the necessary tools. They work quickly and expertly. You will be pleasantly surprised by the low prices and high quality of our services. Call us and select a convenient time for you to order the move. We will be happy to help you! The cost of services in our company is not high. We have no hidden fees. Cooperation with us will be a cost-effective solution for you. We would be happy to help you move!

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If you are interested in transporting various loads, then you can always contact our company. Our movers are responsible for their work. They perform even the most complex tasks quickly and efficiently, reliably and safely. Our company offers a favorable pricing policy. You do not have to waste your precious time and nerves to properly pack items or find a suitable truck.


Our qualified staff will load and unload your belongings. We guarantee you a quality move. Our drivers select the best route to transport your belongings to the desired location safely. Our employees do the job on time. We offer the assistance of experienced movers. Our California to New Jersey moving company will help you save time and effort. Contact us at any time!


Organizing a move is not an easy task. It requires attention and responsibility. Our company offers moving services and other related services. We guarantee the quality performance of work. We do not care about the volume and complexity of tasks. Our staff will do the job quickly and safely. In our work, we use special transport. We help to minimize the time of moving.

Pros and cons of moving from California to New Jersey

New Jersey is located on an imposing peninsula that lies surrounded by the Delaware and Hudson River valleys. New Jersey is officially known as the Garden State. The famous gardens are located in the western regions, near the hills. New Jersey is conventionally divided into three parts: North, Central, and South. The state has the highest population density in the United States. Moving from California to New Jersey is a big step. Let’s learn more about the Garden State.


  • Crime rate. New Jersey is a reasonably safe state. The crime rate here is less than the national average.
  • Economy. New Jersey has an excellent transportation infrastructure, which is of great importance to the state’s economy. Agriculture is well developed in the Garden State.
  • Parks. Picturesque parks are a distinctive feature of the state. There are several hundred on its territory. They are well equipped for recreation. The parks have paths for walking and biking, equipped sites for picnics and sports.


  • Cost of living. If you decide to move to New Jersey, you should consider that the cost of living in this state is higher than the national average. The median home cost is about $400,000.
  • Lots of traffic. Although the state has excellent public transport, you may find it challenging to get around. We recommend being patient if you decide to make New Jersey your home.

How much does it cost to move from California to New Jersey?

Moving to another city is a difficult decision. However, you can find new friends, expand not only personal but also professional contacts. To begin with, you should get to know a new place and get further information. Finding an apartment or a house can take some time. We recommend planning a budget. Having extra money will help you feel safe and secure in your new place. The cost for moving from California to New Jersey starts at $2000. The price will depend on many factors. For example, how much stuff you want to move. If you’re going to use additional services, your costs will also increase. Our company will help you transport your belongings inexpensively and quickly. We guarantee that your belongings will arrive at the new place in one piece.

How far is New Jersey from California?

If you decide to go from California to New Jersey by car, you have to cover a distance of almost 3,000 miles. The travel time is about 43 hours.

Most popular cities in New Jersey


Newark is the largest city in New Jersey. It is located on the Passaic River. Newark is home to one of the three airports serving New York City. Newark’s cargo port is the busiest on the East Coast of the United States. The local museum is considered Newark’s main attraction. In addition to ethnographic exhibits, there are works of art, natural science collections, a planetarium, and a small zoo.

Jersey City

Jersey City is the second-largest city in New Jersey. It adjoins Manhattan Island in New York City, separated by the Hudson River. The western border of Jersey City is the Hackensack River. The city has well-developed electrical, chemical, and food industries. Jersey City has a relatively active cultural life. There are many museums and libraries.


Paterson lies in the valley of the Passaic River. The town was named for the Governor of New Jersey, William Paterson. There are many exciting museums here. For example, the Paterson Museum was opened in the early 20th century. Exhibits consist of early 18th-century manufactory looms, textile and armory products, silk products, and stands with the first developments in submarines.


Elizabeth is located in Union County. English colonists founded the city in 1664. It was initially called Elizabethtown. There is a misconception that the city is named after Queen Elizabeth I, but it is not. It was named after George Carteret’s wife. Elizabeth was the first capital of New Jersey.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is known as a resort and entertainment center. It occupies the east coast of the United States. The city is second only to Las Vegas in its popularity in the entertainment industry. The most famous historical place in the city is considered the waterfront. There are many city attractions and vibrant nightlife.

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