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Any move to a new place of residence is associated with a lot of worries. Moving to another city is doubly tricky. It is an important moment in a person’s life. Everyone wants to make a move as comfortable as possible. Moving from one state to another has always been relevant. It is still popular today. A person is always looking for the best for himself and his family. We try to move to a more comfortable climate, improve the financial or other conditions. And regardless of whether you have a lot of stuff or not much, they need to be somehow transported to another city. There are a large number of companies that help people move to a new place. One of those companies is California Movers. Moving from California to Oregon will be fast, inexpensive, professional, and neat. Our company also provides complete services. It includes professional packing with our packing materials. This way, you will free yourself from this long process.

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The main rule when packing is to do it in advance and correctly. Choose packaging according to the size of the items. If you load a lot of things in the box, it can tear. And if you do not fill the box enough, the items in it may get damaged in transit. Our movers from California to Oregon can help you avoid any problems.


Today a change of home is already a necessity. Moving is becoming more and more urgent. And every year we have more and more design items, equipment and furniture that need to be moved to a new place. You don’t always have the desire and ability to move your stuff yourself. In this case, you can use our moving services. We guarantee you quality services at an affordable price.


Our company provides professional movers. Our extensive experience in the field of moving gives a guarantee of high-quality services at affordable prices. Each client will receive an individual approach with a guarantee of the safety of belongings under the personal responsibility of our employees. We negotiate all the details of the move in advance. Your belongings will always be safe with us.

Pros and cons of moving from California to Oregon

Oregon is located in the northwestern United States. It is one of the so-called Pacific states. There are many lakes in Oregon, including the nation’s deepest lake, Crater Lake. Oregon is the only major producer of nickel in the United States. Moving from California to Oregon can be a significant event in your life.


  • Nature. Oregon is known for its impenetrable forests and spectacular coastline. You can find mountainous areas, ocean coastlines, and scenic river valleys here. Oregon is also home to salt marshes.
  • A cyclist’s paradise. The bicycle is an essential mode of transportation in Portland. The city’s support for bicycling has put it at the top of the list of most bicycle-friendly cities in the world.
  • No sales tax. There is no sales tax in Oregon. So you could say the price you see on the store shelf is the price you pay when you live in the state.


  • Traffic. There is a speed limit (65 miles per hour) across the state. It takes a little longer to get to your destination than in other states.
  • Income Tax. Since the state has no sales tax, there is a progressive income tax from 5% to 9.9%. The maximum rate applies to citizens with incomes over $250,000.

How much does it cost to move from California to Oregon?

To leave for another city, to start a new life, to turn over a new leaf, to surround yourself with new cityscapes. Unique architecture, new parks, benches, stores, new people in the end. Sounds beautiful. The romance of the move is undoubtedly a good thing. However, most of us live in a world dependent on money. In order to make a move, you will have to spend a certain amount of money. On average, moving from California to Oregon will cost you about $3,000. However, every move is different. If you want to know the exact amount of money you will spend, you better contact our managers. We will perform a free estimate. Our company will help you move quickly and inexpensively.

How far is Oregon from California?

California and Oregon are neighboring states. You have to travel 964 miles if you want to move from Los Angeles to Portland.

Most popular cities in Oregon


Portland is rightfully considered one of the most picturesque and greenest cities in America. The city was founded in 1851 and is currently the administrative center of Multnomah County. Portland does not have any notable historic buildings. However, the city looks harmonious due to the skillful combination of artificial landscape and nature in urban planning.


Salem is the capital of Oregon. The city lies in the northeastern part of the state, in the Willamette River Valley. Salem is sprawling on volcanic hills, occupying Polk and Marion counties. The city is the center of the agricultural processing industry. Salem, despite its metropolitan status, lives quite a provincial life.


The southernmost city in the Willamette Valley, Eugene, is the administrative center of Lane County. The city is now the third most populous, though it was ranked second in Oregon a couple of years ago. Eugene has a comfortable mild maritime, almost Mediterranean climate. Average winter and summer temperatures are several degrees cooler than in Portland.


Bandon is located at the mouth of the Coquille River. It is known for its miles of sandy beaches. Bandon is one of the underrated coastal towns on the West Coast of Oregon. The city’s appeal is determined by nature itself. You will be amazed by the majestic and unique view of the ocean and miles of stunning beaches.


Florence is one of the most beautiful cities on the Pacific coast. It is located almost in the heart of Oregon’s coastline. The city has spectacular ocean views and provides comfortable access to nearly all of the region’s famous tourist attractions. Florence’s brilliant geographic location opens up almost limitless opportunities for hiking and biking to suit all tastes.

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