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Do you need to move your belongings urgently? Our staff will organize your move quickly and inexpensively. We guarantee prompt and quality work. Our team is responsible for the result. We will not raise the cost of the work in the course of services. It means that you can always be sure of the price. If you do not have time to deal with packing and moving, we will do it all for you. Our employees are responsible for the shipment. We treat your belongings as if they were our own. You will not have to worry about your grandmother’s porcelain tea set or expensive TV. We are one of those companies that work around the clock. Our staff will help you move your belongings at night or on the weekend. After each trip, we clean the truck, so there is no dust or dirt in it. Therefore, your belongings will be delivered clean and in one piece. If you need reliable movers from California to Philadelphia, then contact us.

Our Advantages


Do not try to move a large amount of furniture and belongings yourself. You will spend a lot of time and effort, which could be spent with much more efficiency. You are better to turn to qualified California to Philly movers, who will do their job quickly and efficiently. Our company offers to order moving services at competitive prices! You can always count on our punctuality and professionalism!


We will fully undertake the technical implementation of your relocation. Our staff will move everything you need from your home, apartment, office and load it into the truck. We quickly and accurately dismantle furniture and reassemble it at the new location. Turning to us, you are fully insured against any possible unpleasant situations. We will do our best to make our cooperation as productive as possible.


We have extensive experience in the transportation of oversized loads. Our crew works as carefully as possible and guarantees the safety of your property. Our team will also perform the removal of construction waste. We will come to the site, pick up the trash during construction work or relocation, and then recycle it. We have only experienced employees who do not need to be supervised.

Why is it worth moving from California to Philadelphia?

Moving to a new place requires a lot of effort. Not only do you need to pack and move your belongings, but you also need to plan your budget. Every move is unique. As a rule, the cost of moving is made up of the size of the load and the distance. If you want to know the exact cost of moving, you better contact us. Our staff will quickly make an estimate. You can be sure that the price will not change during the move. The cost for moving from California to Philly can be $3000-8500. We have no hidden fees or extra charges. Our company guarantees to treat your property with care. You will be satisfied with the way we do our job!

How much does it cost to move from California to Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is located on the east coast of the country. It is one of the most historically and culturally prosperous cities in the United States. The old part of the city still has the atmosphere of a quiet, comfortable, and provincial town, with cobbled streets and colonial-style buildings, usually made of red ceramic bricks. The city was founded in 1682 by William Penn. One of the most critical events in the history of the United States took place in Philadelphia. The Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Philadelphia has a strong economy. The region’s primary industries are heavy industry, oil refining, food and textile production, tourism, and health care. Philly can also be proud of its contribution to American cuisine. The most famous dish is the cheesesteak. Moving from California to Philadelphia can be a significant step into a new life. Our company will be happy to help you!

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