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You have decided to move from California to Washington, DC. You will have a lot of worries, so it is better to entrust the most challenging work to a reliable team. If you turn to us, we guarantee that you will have energy left for more pleasant and essential things. Moving to another city is not the end of life but the beginning of a new chapter. You’ll need to decide which items will travel with you to your new chapter and which will stay and be given to your neighbors. We will take care of all the most complex and challenging stages of the move. Our team will select the packing material, disassemble furniture, move fragile items, mirrors, and household appliances safely. You do not need to worry about transporting your favorite sofa. We have extensive experience in solving this problem. Save your resources for new endeavors in a new place, and entrust your relocation to us! Let this process only motivate you to discoveries and achievements.

Our Advantages

Long experience

Do you need to move a safe or a piano urgently? Our staff has the necessary experience and equipment for the accurate loading and transportation of safes, ATMs, slot machines, and coffee machines. We will also choose the most appropriate way of transportation. You can contact us at any convenient time. Our consultants are always ready to answer your questions.

Necessary equipment

Construction waste removal is an essential part of our business. Our truck fleet is equipped with all the necessary equipment. You only need to inform us about the size of the construction waste and the convenient time for you. We are happy to help solve this problem. Our movers will remove the trash from the premises. Our company offers affordable prices for all additional services.

Skilled employees

Entrust moving to qualified movers, so that it doesn’t seem like an overwhelming task. We will provide you with a reliable team. Our staff has extensive experience. If you want to be sure of a successful relocation, our California to Washington, DC, moving company is an excellent option. We use special equipment to move even fragile items safely. You’ll forget what it’s like to worry about moving.

Why is it worth moving from California to Washington, DC?

Our California to Washington, DC, moving company is waiting for your call. We will move your belongings quickly and inexpensively to your new location. Washington, DC, is located on three rivers – the Potomac, the Rock Creek, and the Anacostia. Washington is known for its many parks. One-fifth of the city’s land area is taken up by green space. Washington was initially conceived as a metropolitan city. George Washington drew a rhombus on that spot and wrote “District of Columbia. Federal City.” The capital of the United States had to be in neutral territory between Virginia and Maryland. And no state in the country could claim the territory. Washington, DC, received official capital status in 1800. The National Geographic Society, John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Arlington National Cemetery, Old Town Alexandria are among the city’s attractions.

How much does it cost to move from California to Washington, DC?

Many people who want to change their city of residence are afraid of the very process of moving. They end up giving up on the idea. How many people don’t decide to move to Washington DC for fear of moving! But moving doesn’t necessarily mean giving away all of your favorite possessions and starting your life over from scratch! The cost for moving from California to Washington, DC, begins at $2000. We provide a free moving estimate. If you want to move a large number of items, our staff member can come to you and estimate the move on the spot. We are happy to help solve your moving problems. Any process will go smoothly with us and will not cause you much hassle.

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