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Performing an efficient move without property damage and with minimal loss of time, money, and effort on your own is almost impossible. It is worth entrusting all tasks to experienced movers. We are ready to take care of all the organizational and technical stages of moving from California to Washington State. Professional movers will be required in the process of handling any load. Many people mistakenly think that only physical strength is needed to perform such operations. However, our company’s services include more than just the mechanical movement of items. As a rule, it is not reasonable to transport furniture in assembled form. In this case, a professional furniture disassembly would be helpful. Our staff will do this work quickly and efficiently. Punctuality is one of the main principles of our work. The customer sets the start time of work. Our team always arrives on time. We will make sure your items arrive safely. You can count on our support in any situation.

Our Advantages

Furniture removal

No matter how expensive and prestigious the furniture in a home or office may be, its usability gradually deteriorates over time. Everyday life is full of beautiful changes. The purchase of furniture or the impending move is part of prosperous circumstances. You can entrust us with the removal of old furniture and other unnecessary items. We will do the job without any problems.

Piano moving

Piano moving is one of the most complex and time-consuming types of moving services. It requires trucks, special straps for moving pianos, and a team of experienced, strong California to Washington State movers. If you need piano transportation when organizing a move or repair, please get in touch with us. We will be glad to help you. Our consultants will answer all your questions.

Qualified employees

In order to provide clients with quality services on a professional level, we invite only experienced employees to our staff. For each order, our employees make a cost calculation and explain the procedure of work and payment to the client in detail. We have no hidden fees. If you need additional services, you can inform us about them in advance. Our company provides a free moving estimate.

Pros and cons of moving from California to Washington State

Washington State is an exciting state from an economic and tourist point of view. It is the 18th largest state in the United States and is located in the country’s northwest. Washington is interesting because of its natural beauty. If you consider moving from California to Washington, you have a lot to think about. Let’s start with the pros of this state.


  • Nature. Washington is a realm of nature. It has beautiful coastlines, deserts, forests, mountains, volcanoes, and hundreds of coastal islands that beckon explorers.
  • Low Tax. Washington is one of the most regressive states in the United States in terms of taxation. There is no income tax here.
  • Education. Washington State can be a great place to get a higher education. There are three major educational institutions located here.


  • Climate. The western part of Washington State is one of the rainiest regions in the United States. It creates a “rain shadow” effect. Sea air masses leave all the moisture on the western slopes of The Cascade Range. There are about 150 rainy days a year.
  • Cost of Living. Washington state is quite expensive. The median home cost is about $500,000. The cost of living here is almost 20% higher than the national average.

How much does it cost to move from California to Washington State?

Even small life changes have positive or negative consequences. A change of residence is a significant event, especially if there is a move to another city. For many, it is a direction to a better life. But practice shows that few people have been able to adjust to drastic changes. If you are interested in moving from California to Washington State without any problems, contact us. Our team will perform a free moving estimate for you. Moving costs start at $1500. You should also consider living expenses and food to get you started in Washington. Relocating offers promising opportunities to find exciting work and the perfect living conditions. We hope that your move will involve a change for the better.

How far is Washington State from California?

To get from California to Washington State, you have to travel more than 1,000 miles. If you want to do it faster, you should take a plane.

Most popular cities in Washington State


Seattle is the administrative center of King County. The city is situated on seven hills. As for the water elements and the lakes, citizens and visitors have the opportunity to swim in one of the bays of Puget Sound and the shores of the Pacific Ocean. There are many attractions in the city. The most famous tourist attraction is the Space Needle Tower.


Spokane lies in the northwest of the country near the Canadian border. It was initially a small settlement where the fur trade was active. Later, significant deposits of precious metals were discovered in its vicinity. For a long time, mining played an essential role in Spokane’s economy. Now the high-tech sector takes the lead.

Puget Sound

In the northwest lies the city of Tacoma, a port on the Puget Sound. It is home to chemical, engineering, and timber processing industries. There are shipyards and non-ferrous metallurgical plants. The city of University Place is adjacent to the southern city limits. One of the most visited cultural institutions is the Museum of Glass.


Bellevue is located in the state of Washington. Cougar Mountain rises to the southeast of it. Lake Washington bounds the western suburbs. The northern edges are bordered by Lake Sammamish. Its name is translated from the French as “the beautiful view,” symbolizing the area’s natural beauty, the splendor of the lake surface, and coastal landscapes.


Olympia is the capital of Washington State. It is a small city. Olympia is located in the southern part of Puget Sound. There are no large industrial enterprises in Olympia. The city is developed at the expense of the public sector and education. Tourism is one of the crucial components of the city’s economy.

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