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Our company offers movers from Los Angeles to New York. We will help you move furniture, clothes, appliances to your new home. We have qualified employees. They have extensive experience in moving of various levels of complexity. We highly value our reputation. Our staff has a high level of personal responsibility. Our team always starts to execute the assigned work on time. The main priority of our company is high-quality service and attention to the wishes of clients. Our employees are fully responsible for the relocation. As a rule, the customer needs one truck for the move. Its size should be enough to move all the items to the new house or office. We will pick up the right truck for you. Our company will deliver your items in one piece. If you have any questions, you can always call our managers. They will help you solve your problems and give useful advice. Our team will make sure your move goes smoothly.

Our Advantages

Truck fleet

Our truck fleet has a sufficient number of different vehicles with various parameters in terms of volume and power. It allows us to use the truck that will be the most cost-effective, as well as spacious enough for your move. Our vehicles are provided with special equipment for fast loading and reliable fixation of your load during any relocation. We guarantee that your belongings will remain intact.


If you give preference to cooperation with our company, you will have the support of a highly experienced team of Los Angeles to New York movers. We will perform any relocation in the shortest possible time and ensure the absolute safety of the items entrusted to us. Our company uses high-quality packing materials. If you have fragile items, we can use extra packing. Leave all your worries to us!


Our employees carefully think through the algorithm of actions during the move. They always place the heaviest and strongest items at the bottom. Such an arrangement prevents damage to fragile items. It will serve as reliable support during transportation. Bulky items are additionally fixed to not move around the truck’s body during its journey. We guarantee that your move will go problem-free.

Why is it worth moving from Los Angeles to New York?

New York is a city that everyone on the planet seems to know. If someone suddenly mentions the phrase “capital of the world,” the first thing that pops up in his head is probably the name of this megalopolis on the east coast of the United States. New York City seems to have permanently established itself as the financial and economic center of the globe. People from all over the world come here to change their lives. Like many large and developed metropolitan areas, New York City has an extensive transportation system. It allows locals and visitors to get around the Big Apple with great convenience. In addition to career opportunities, the city has many exciting attractions. There’s a huge Central Park where you can have a great time as a family. If you need competent movers from Los Angeles to New York, contact us. We will turn your move into an enjoyable experience!

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How much does it cost to move from Los Angeles to New York?

It is better to prepare for such an event as moving from Los Angeles to New York in advance. Everyone may have different reasons for this step: the desire for self-fulfillment, career opportunities, more favorable rental conditions, to expand the social circle, and so on. It is important to remember that prices in New York City are pretty high. If you do not want to limit yourself to anything, it would be nice to have some financial savings for insurance. The cost of renting an apartment varies from $1,000 to $5,000 per month. Also, pay attention to finding a job. Start researching the job market in advance. Depending on the size of the load and additional items, the cost of moving can reach $10,000. However, there is no need to worry. Our team will make sure your move is as budget-friendly as possible.

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